05 July, 2007

Check External Data/Configurations First.

I was recently on holiday with my family visiting other members of my family as well as friends.  It was at this time I pulled out my trusty MacBook Pro, fired up TextMate, pulled down the newest subversion repository of my simulation software 'SimulaE' and attempted to show my friend the crafty english parser component I wrote.  I showed him the test suite with all of its various scenarios and then suggested he throw an attempt at it so that he may be amazed at its crafty logic.  

He did, and it failed, and I was surprised to say the last.  So given that I was on vacation, I wasn't going to focus must time on this issue other than updating the subversion repository so that I could look into the issue at a later time.  Well, two days ago I finally did so, and found out after careful checking that one of the datafiles utilised for cross checking and sub classifications of parts of speech of english lacked the necessary word (also the culprit of the mis-parse).  After making a quick addition to the aforementioned lookup file, the test ran just fine, and passed with flying colours.  

Lesson learned (for what feels like the millionth time);  check your support configuration and/or data files, because your code isn't broken, just doing what it is supposed to, based upon the information it has available (data files) to it.

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