16 October, 2008

Django Projects Galore and Vile Ethics of other Coding Firms..

It has happened yet again. I've been brought on for another Django project. This time it is about taking an existing site for yet another magazine publisher and converting their Wordpress driven site into a real full-blown site complete with blogs, forums, user profiles, dynamic main page content, complete customisation from within the framework and included applications and ultimately a site in which a developer is not needed for day to day changes.

As it exists, this publication is an off shoot of their primary magazine. A magazine whose website was written and managed by an outside from that I believe coded the entire site so as to require additional invoicing and servicing for all but the most minute changes. This is a disgusting business model and one with which I've had the misfortune of experiencing whilst working as a sub-contractor to a sub-contractor for Burlington Coat Factory.

The H-1B Visa Project Manager who wasn't too fond of me because I don't believe that coding in dress attire and/or a tie makes someone a better worker (to the contrary, i will NOT wear dress attire for day to day work as it is a pointless expression of old brick-and-mortar mindsets). He also was the first time that I was reprimanded for having an eloquent solution that adapted automatically to the growth needs of the end-clients database/system. I wrote the software to handle dynamically gathering and sequencing additional 'like' fields as they were added to Burlington's transaction schema. The way I designed and wrote the software, the MOMENT the schema changed, my software contributions would immediately include relevant changes, without a restart of any of the daemons I engineered. I was told that the reason why i shouldn't have done this is because the sub-contractor for which i was writing this code could then go back and charge an exorbitant amount of money each time minor changes were made. This disgusts me, and I find it ethically wrong.

I am an engineer and work independently by choice as I can first and foremost hold myself and solutions I produce, to higher standards; delivering what my clients want and need, not solely based upon what they say they want and most definitely not building them into a corner for profit over common decency and professional standards.

Once the project has been completed, I will be quite happy to share the url(s) with CodeDEVL readers.