13 February, 2009

Guiding the Future Generation...

This is more of an announcement than a standard codedevl.com content update, of where there will be one in the upcoming week.

On 09 March, 2009, I will be partaking of the 'Career Week' activities at Central Bucks East High School by serving on a panel along with other professional in various fields of Engineering, Mathematics and Technology as a means of not only sharing what it is we do but also answering posed questions by the future minds of our respective fields.

I feel it is a very important responsibility of experienced professionals to better server their community (both locally and the whole world in the large scheme of things) by passing on what knowledge one possesses to the following generation(s) to ensure that the gain wisdom proliferates through the ages. I hope other readers of codedevl.com take an active role in this endeavour as well, and if so please feel free to post about it either here or on your respective sites.