07 October, 2007

Perspectives: Moving On to Greener Pastures, with Perks.

It is amazing how quickly situations and environments change.  One moment I’m in what I consider a bait-and-switch job, and the next I find I’m getting calls and offers from every direction.  As is par for the course, only a small percentage of the positions availed and/or offered to me were of true interest to me at this point in my career.  I’m appreciative for the opportunities availed by those companies, individuals and startups with whom I’ve spoken to and/or met personally in the past two months, and I wanted to state that for the record, but that brings me to the present.

My new position as Chief Software Architect for several companies belonging to a successful  entrepreneur.  This is not a new experience for me, but I have to say that the flexibility included with this new position provides me a certain level of freedom sorely missing from the anomaly that was my previous position.  I wholeheartedly look forward to this new venture and know for sure that two days from now (as of this writing), when I am on my way to New York to meet up with one of the firms for which I will be helping to reshape technology-wise, that I made the right decision.

I will miss interacting with my soon to be former co-workers, though I won’t miss the rest of the environment there, which ironically was one of the original reasons for choosing the position in the first place.   Conversely, just as I have things that I will miss with my soon to be former position, I have much to look forward to with my newer role and corporate overlord.  Either way, I have much for which to prepare and at this point I’m already planning the establishment of the core tech upon which to base the new infrastructure.  I’m thinking Postgesql, Python, Java and OpenSUSE on a Core 2 Duo platform, and in a later entry, I’ll be discussing which of the aforementioned technologies upon which I decided, but until then..  

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