11 September, 2007

It’s been a while... I’ve been busy coding away. Here’s an update.

    I’ve been rather busy recently now that our beta version of software where I am employed has made its way to production.  Since that has transpired, all of our Trac entries can be attacked in a more systematic manner.  Here’s a little rundown of what I’ve been doing.

    Handling my son’s integration into his newest school year endeavour, as well as my wife’s into hers.  She just completed her masters degree and is starting her second year (first full year) as a teacher of Biology..  to kids born the year that she and I graduated (together) from high school.

    Creating the backlog of CodeDevl.com podcasts, and editing.  I never realised exactly how much time it takes to edit a podcast recording.  For every five minutes spoken, there are ten minutes spent editing and cleaning up.

    Learning and implementing GIT version control/repository software at our place of employ, as well as my local network as a replacement for Subversion (SVN).  

    Wrote a python (base classes pure) application which handles all migration of beta software to both the GIT repository paths as well as handling moves to production (including automated changes to certain header includes).  I’m rather happy with this application as it has saved many issue from transpiring.  Due to the haphazard manner in which some of the code base is arranged (particularly the beta vs. live paths), problems can and have occurred, hence my reasons for taking the initiative to create said program.  

    Additional work with re-learning Java, and keeping current with other technologies (Python 3K/3000/3.0), Javascript, Ruby, Smalltalk concepts and to a lesser degree Lisp (not including additional emacs functionalities).

    I do promise that I will be continuing to update both this written journal as well as the podcast site, and just wanted to let those reading that I have not dropped off the face of the earth, just immersed myself back into the changing flow at my workplace. 

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