26 June, 2008

SimulaE Cartography Program - simulae-kaart.py

As a quick follow up to the previous entry regarding rooms being a void and not an object, I can happily announce that the first working alpha of simulae-kaart has been committed to code this evening.

The function of this bit of code is simple:  Produce the necessary wall/barrier objects needed to create the voidspaces we call rooms.

The current working codebase does the following already:

* Allow graphical design in a 2d environment utilising unicode representative tokens.
* Returns Multidimensional Lists designating literal start & end points of wall objects
* Allows for walls in traditional cardinal orientation (north-south, east-west, nw-se & ne-sw)
* Also allows for arbitrary wall/barrier positioning at any angle (true 360 degrees).
* Default scale based on cubic decimetres, variable scaling coming soon.

Upcoming functionality to be added:

- Auto population of a given map grid
- Auto insertion of portal objects inside any giveen barrier/wall object.
- Automatic map scaling down to the smallest micro and largest macro levels

Stay tuned for further information.  If anyone else is interested in signing up for future beta
testing, I can be reached at this domain, under the email account of eric. 


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