04 January, 2008

The New Django Powered Inked Magazine Website is Up!

This will be rather brief as it is more of an announcement than one of my more traditional journal entries. 

After a  short two or so months from start to finish, I have successfully setup my first Django powered website.  Inked Magazine has been relaunched effective January 2nd, 2008.  This replaces the Joomla powered site which existed prior to both myself and the current ownership of the magazine were involved in the project.  

Phase one has been completed, with extras.  The customer photo galleries, the cover photo application, the user profile system as well as the main magazine feature areas have been established and are active.  As of today, I will have available for all registered users the ability to host a blog on our site (using our software which I wrote in a few days), mind you it is still early in the feature process, though it without doubt serves most blog authors needs.  

I will be adding features as time progresses, but until mid-January 2008, I'm on a tight schedule to build the entire forum application so that the beginning of the "New and Improved" Inked Network can go live.  

I don't think one needs Ruby on Rails when you have Django.  Much of the same great functionality and without having to use Ruby all the while using Python.  [Update: After having revisited Ruby as a language on its own, sans Rails notoriety, I've found that my previous assertions regarding Rails specifically was unwarranted.  It simply took my experiences with Django and Python to make Ruby and Rails far clearer to me.]

I will return to my normal posting after the Forum application is up and running.  

Till then, keep on coding.


  1. Cool. I just clicked on your link above and got a syntax error and a nice traceback screen. I can see how superior Django is to Rails...

  2. Well, what can I say, that was a human error, not a Django one. I had actually made this post while I was still working on certain things, including a few which caused error(s) to appear. You must have hit it at just the right moment, because if it showed a traceback screen, I had debugging briefly turned on (less than a 45 second time frame, since it is a production site).

    Either way, I accomplished that which I had set out to do today so I can take a laughter directed towards me ;) Thanks for commenting nonetheless, even though anonymous.