21 August, 2007

Announcing the CodeDevl.com Podcast

I’ve been writing on matters of a computer centric theme on and off for roughly 18 years, I figured it was time to compliment my ramblings via a different medium.  First and foremost, I do this knowing full well that I post these words more so as an act for myself as a personal journal pertaining to my primary field of interest.  Secondly, I post with the hope that a few others may find humour, warnings and/or lessons to learn in what I have experienced.  

That being said, I’ll give a basic rundown of what a listener to the codedevl.com podcast can expect.  The first dozen or so podcasts will be slightly more verbose variations of the existing codedevl.com journal entries, with the eventual hopes that I will have guest software engineers whom i’ve come to know over the years.  I am also making it known that while this site doesn’t currently allow for interactive comments, audio responses are welcome via email addressed simply to eric at codedevl.com. 

I appreciate those of you who continue to follow the various happenings and writings (and lack thereof) at codedevl.com, and just want to let everyone know that I do have several things waiting for future release dates.


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